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The implication here is that the offspring is woven into a growing tapestry that gives the original an unending life.

Even the theme behind all the major religions point to a "re-birth," of sorts, as the means of joining a Celestial family that excludes all those unlike itself! Nearly 87% of all those living today believe it perfectly appropriate that humans must be re-born into a different species in order to fit into God's family. Clearly, interracial marriage has become a sick and dangerous fashion that threatens to leave us all naked.

Another image sees a white man sitting on the steps of his house with his African-American spouse and their child.

The evidence of this powerful genetic wisdom is seen in the reality that 93% of all those who marry or couple, still do so with a member of their own race.

The Tower of Babel is only one of the many instances where the Creator demonstrates his distaste for the amalgamation of the races.

The new and sophisticated modus operandi began four decades ago with the gradual elimination of national boarders, removing racial and cultural differences and a vicious campaign that ripped away the credibility of "white men." All this, in the latest attempt to erect a strange global community.

Humans are the only part of creation with the inborn ability to "decide," to make choices.

Not trees, not animals, not molecules, not chemicals, not planets, stars--not fire, wind or water; nothing, besides mankind, makes its own decisions about anything.

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