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This prevents most local governments from passing any ordinances on taxation.Although the home rule counties can pass ordinances on tax issues, even that authority is limited.

In Alabama, the new constitution also "would remove [from voter registration rolls] the less educated, less organized, more impoverished whites as well - and that would ensure one-party Democratic rules through most of the 20th century in the South." In practice, it has resulted in the state legislature having extensive authority over counties, cities and towns.constitution still operative anywhere in the world.The English version of the Constitution of India, the longest national constitution, is about 117,369 words long, a third of the length of Alabama's.As a result, about 90 percent of the document's length, as of 2017, comes from its 926 amendments.About 75 percent of the amendments cover individual counties or cities, and some deal with salaries of specific officials (e.g.

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It also makes it very difficult for residents of counties to solve their own problems.

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