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So which gender has the more difficult time when it comes to dating?Listen in as Scot gets some outside opinions on the matter to start out with. You look around you and see couples who can't seem to get along.Going through questions from the question bank, one by one, they dissect not only the question, but also each of the other answer choices, taking advantage of all possible learning opportunities in addition to reviewing key test-taking strategies.At the beginning of each episode, they open with a rapid review of material covered in previous episodes or on the Rosh Review blog. Stuff that Mark finds interesting and worth diving into at any given moment. Mark riffs on everything from theology to business, marriage to movies, church life to leadership, movies to relationships, coffee to family, apologetics, to the everyday stuff of life.Derek and Heidi from Uncharted Family sit in with us for a fast-paced (and hilarious, as usual) rant on 36-hour anniversaries, non-awkward silence After over two years of radio silence, it's time to fire up the XYOTF engine again. How do you keep your friends from jealously sabotaging your relationship? And what if the friend we're talking about here Okay, it's been almost four years since the subject of 'kids' has been brought up on this show, and there's plenty more to discuss nowadays. Going on a first date can be a nerve-wracking experience for someone of either gender. Listen in as Scot and Emily talk about simple ways to prepare for first dates, make sure conversation flows easily, ignite the sparks of What is is about romantic "movie moments" that drive women wild? Emily and Scot also talk about some great ways to defend against ever having to worry about the entire issue to begi Okay, who really should be calling the shots when it comes to relationship management? What are the disadvantages of dating when you are younger compared to when you are older? Usually, however, unless the person we're talking about here is 'The One', the relationship Are you kidding me?What better way than to invite our friends Justin Stenstrom and Sarah Rudin from The Elite Man to join us for an epic breakdown of the infamous Honeymoon Phase? After all, having children changes the dynamics of an allegedly romantic relationship between a man and a woman We've all heard the old, worn-out cliche time and again...'If you want a great relationship with your significant other, you're going to have to WORK ON IT every single day.' But do we take that at face value without ever stopping to consider what that Get ready for a no-holds-barred discussion on all sorts of non-monogamous relationships. The 'don't ask / don't tell' policy of the rich and famous? Better yet, what can guys learn from Hollywood about how to ignite femininity and become exactly the kind of man women desire? With their son just about to celebrate his first birthday, Emily and Scot reveal their strategies for having a real, actual love life even when you've g Should you really try to get your ex back after a breakup? And how about the distinct dating advantages of being olde OK, get your "decoder rings" on. Do Emily and Scot really think they can solve 'world peace' in a single podcast?Then, at the end of the episode, they close out with another rapid review of topics covered during the episode. This podcast is ideal for the emergency physician, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, EMT, and medical student who works in the Emergency Department or has an interest in emergency medicine. Mark is the founding pastor of Village Church, just outside Vancouver Canada, which he started in 2010 with a handful of people in his house which has since grown into a multi-site church of thousands.Mark is the author of The Problem of God: Answering a Skeptics Challenges to Christianity (Zondervan, 2017).

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Is it all really a societal construct designed to oppress women, or are the very building blocks of sexual attraction at stake here?

With us to explore what makes it all so difficult is none other than fellow dating coach Mike Gold After millennia of assumptive coexistence, the idea of masculine/feminine polarity is under fire.

Mark Clark Theology on the Go is a brief conversation on eternal truths with Jonathan Master, Executive Editor of Place For, a voice of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals.

Each program features a pastor/theologian discussing key biblical doctrines in thoughtful and accessible ways.

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