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"The actor has survived in the industry for so long because he is a no-nonsense person with tons of energy.

The plus point is that he doesn't carry any unwanted baggage with him.

Sankranthi means ‘change of direction’ and is based on solar event and it also marks the arrival of Spring Season.

Uttarayana, the day time of Devas, begins from Sankranthi and the next six months are considered highly auspicious.

Harvest Festival: This is the festival where all the harvest is gathered (Paddy, Ragi etc) and then decorated and offered prayers and then finally taken to the warehouse to store them.

An important ritual is display of cows and cattle in colourful costumes in an open field.

The host also stresses on Bigg Boss rules, which are to be strictly followed and can’t be tweaked "Voting is not controlled here, and it comes audited. I can only give hints and hope they vote for the right people.

Though a few happen to be my friends, they are contestants when inside the Bigg Boss house, and I have to be fair.

' Shivarajkumar doesn't carry any unwanted baggage' Sudeep is the lead in the film along with Shivarajkumar, and sharing screen with the actor is a delight, says Sudeep.

A lot of things have surprised me too," says Sudeep, adding, "Of course, the pressure is always there, but I live for today. Bigg Boss is all about human behaviour, and for me, hosting the show is a stress buster.

Sometimes, there is political influence too, but that cannot scare me. I learn and understand things from their fights," he says.

Surprisingly, the host is yet to find out who the contestants are.

"I don't want to know, I will meet them on the day I go to the sets.

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Makara Sankranthi: This is the “Suggi” or harvest festival for farmers of Kaveri basin of Karnataka.

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