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This may not be easy since the banks will insist on collateral security, which most transgenders may not able to provide as they do not have family support.Transgenders have welcomed the initiative saying that it will not only help them in earning a living but also in gaining access to mainstream society.“I am confident that this will be a successful venture,” said Navas, a transgender involved with the “G Taxi”. It gives visibility to the transgenders and that will in turn help them in joining the mainstream." Where was the last time you saw art?Chances are on a screen, either on your phone or your computer.“I hope the facility will be in place at least in medical colleges during the next financial year.”However, Jithendran admitted that the process was not easy since Kerala does not have trained physicians to conduct sex reassignment surgeries, which require a multi-disciplinary team of urologists, endocrinologists, sexologists and psychologists.“We have the specialists, but we need to hone their skills to perform the surgery.We hope the proposal will become a reality before the middle of the coming financial year.The negligible incubation time of digital art has enabled experimentation at staggering levels.

Anil said that a male to female surgery costs around Rs 2 lakh to Rs 5 lakh, while female to male surgery costs between Rs 4 lakh to Rs 8 lakh in private hospitals.This, he said, will help in changing the mindset of the people towards the sexual minorities.Ten transgenders have come forward to operate “G Taxis”. The government is trying to help them procure the cars.The Kerala government’s decision to introduce free sex-reassignment surgeries in government hospitals may open a new lifeline to transgenders who feel they are trapped in bodies that are not compatible with their feelings.No such facility for such surgeries exists, either in government or private sector, in the state at present, says VN Jithendran, director in the social justice department of government of Kerala.

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