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Fortunately, people didn't expect everything on the Internet to be free, and they stepped up. Before you even get to the issue of financing a niche community site, there's the fact that people aren't that interested in niche community sites in most cases, or at least not if it isn't a really big niche.People are content to use Facebook for most anything. Attention spans suck too, so discourse on the Internet has largely been reduced to 120 characters of stupid by the likes of people like the president. For years I've watched more , but spend less time there. Google and Facebook own more than half of the ad market, and of that, obviously Facebook ads only appear on Facebook.The holidays aren't ideal because everything everywhere is crowded. But those two days I did take off were with Simon staying with friends, and that was practically life changing.Best 67 hours or so Diana and I have had in a while!Later, when I started managing people, I got kind of religious in making sure people understood the importance of taking time off to avoid burnout.I think I secretly believed that the breaks were also a way to cope with jobs you don't like, too.This is where the Nest actually does its best work, because over time it will learn what the most efficient combination of heat pump heat and typical electric coil heat is, factoring in the outdoor temperature and ambient heat from the other unit.

We have 57% more space than in the last house but already our November electric bill was about 15% lower.

I realized early in my professional life that it's important to take time off to recharge, see stuff, do stuff.

When I switched careers and started making software, this became even more obvious to me, I suppose because it can be mentally exhausting at times.

If I were the type to make resolutions, it would be to use my time off better. When I built/bought my first house, it had an old school Honeywell thermostat with a mercury switch.

That was a pretty straight forward device, closing the circuit to make the heat (or air conditioning) turn on.

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