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The Media would have a field day over it, and the Public Relations issues he'd be forced to deal with would be nightmarish.And lawsuits lodged by the families of Will's 'victims' weren't out of the question either. He believed that it was his mission in life to correct any such aberrations of nature, and virgins past the age of about 21 were a dangerous threat to his world order.

The male residents of The Home, who were far outnumbered by the women, reacted to Will's behavior with either priggish disdain ("The man has no manners at all!She was now getting regular calls from The Home with complaints about Will's misbehavior.Apparently her father's way of proving he was still young at heart was to make sexual advances on any females at The Home who couldn't move faster than he could.Their mothers and older sisters would be oh so grateful to him for his dedication, and that would usually mean tending to their carnal needs as well before he moved on to his next assignment.To say that Jack was a womanizer would be to seriously understate the case.

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Jack firmly believed that sex was not for the elderly, and fortunately he wasn't elderly yet. She agreed to meet with him at his office on an afternoon in the coming week.

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