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With the release of version 7.6 in 1997, Apple officially renamed the operating system "Mac OS", a name which had first appeared on System 7.5.1's boot screen.System 7 was developed for Macs that used the Motorola 680x0 line of processors, but was ported to the Power PC after Apple adopted the new processor.Newly purchased Macintosh computers had System 7 installed and were often bundled with software such as Hyper Card, At Ease and Mouse Practice.Later, the Macintosh Performa series added various software bundles including third-party software such as Claris Works, The New Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia, Microsoft Bookshelf, Spectre VR and Power Pete. System 7 also included Apple Talk networking and file sharing software in the form of system extensions and control panels.Later versions of System 7, specifically System 7.5 and Mac OS 7.6, came with a dedicated "Utilities" folder and "Apple Extras" folder including: Apple Script, Disk Copy, Quick Draw GX Extras and Quick Time Movie Player.More optional extras and utilities could be manually installed from the System CD.Features added with the System 7 release included virtual memory, personal file sharing, Quick Time, Quick Draw 3D, and an improved user interface.

It succeeded System 6, and was the main Macintosh operating system until it was succeeded by Mac OS 8 in 1997.

If the system were able to support multiple tasks, this one-off solution would no longer be needed — desk accessories could simply be small programs, placed anywhere.

Yet, as Multi Finder was still optional, such a step had not been taken.

Numerous examples of this sort of problem could be found throughout the system.

Finally, the widespread adoption of hard drives and local area networks led to any number of new features being requested from users and developers.

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Some perspective on the scope of the changes can be seen by examining the official system documentation, Inside Macintosh.

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