Spending care congressional dating failure

He is not likely to want to endure another embarrassing failure on the Senate floor, so he may not call a vote unless he’s sure he has the support.

That’s unlikely with three Republicans now opposed to the bill.

Instead of the government setting prices for health care commodities, manufacturers and suppliers should compete to offer the lowest price.

Medicare should immediately expand such competitive bidding nationwide—and extend it to medical devices, laboratory tests, and all other commodities.

Instead of paying a fee for each service, physicians and hospitals should receive a fixed amount for a bundle of services (also called bundled payments) or for all the care a patient needs (known as global payments).Senate Republicans are struggling to pass their latest healthcare overhaul — a bill written by Sen. But there will almost surely be pressure on Republicans to keep trying to pass their own bill to repeal and replace the healthcare law.”Eventually we’ll win,” Trump told reporters over the weekend, “whether it’s now or later.”The Senate is relying on special budget rules that would allow passage of the healthcare bill with a simple majority, bypassing the threat of a filibuster by opponents. Bipartisan efforts to improve the Affordable Care Act had been underway, and those may likely resume if this week’s vote fails.So-called budget reconciliation provides a potentially powerful strategic advantage for Republicans.They hold a slim 52-seat majority and would almost certainly be unable to reach the 60-vote threshold needed to overcome a filibuster by Democrats or even Republican opponents of the bill.

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