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These are things we expect, and the premiere delivers.

What has shaken things up immensely, however, is Abby’s (Paula Malcolmson) death.

Grabbing back the reigns from his brother, Will, played by Stephen Bishop, Jabbar embarks on a mission of revenge, betrayal and corporate intrigue.

Like in the way the family relies on one another, we can rely on the show to bring us certain formulas and character behaviors.

Ray’s fixer life ebbs and flows, but even at its strongest moments, the quality of those storylines is always secondary to the trials of the family Donovan.

Ray’s relationship with his family has always been at the heart of the series, and never does that feel more focused than in the wake of Abby’s death (having also peeked upcoming episodes this season, I can confirm that the gaps in the premiere’s timeline will start to fill out, including a lot of time spent with Abby and Ray in the interim — so though she may be gone, she is thankfully not forgotten within the show).

Yes, these men up to familiar antics, but they’re now doing so in an Abby-less world. But what’s more striking than this shocking death is how foreign Ray and Abby feel in these scenes: it’s the way their relationship really should have been from the start.

Abby is giddy and girlish (minus her many expletives) — she’s the only one who can reach Ray, and their bond and love for one another is so clear here.

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