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Although ruled by a harsh oppressor (Reboboam, King of Judah), the Jews refused to abandon their God and the Holy City Jerusalem.

(For a summary of the issues, here’s a piece on the 10 reasons even committed church attenders are attending church less often). People argue the idea of church isn’t even biblical. First if you’re a Christian, church is not something you go to. You can’t disassociate from church as a Christian anymore than you can disassociate from humanity as a person. In fact, most of the New Testament is not about the teachings of Jesus.

People criticize the church today as being consumeristic. And even if you don’t think you need other Christians, I promise you you do, and so does our world. Maybe it’s just beginning to take shape for a brand new era that desperately needs it.

And to some extent, churches cater to consumerism—often to our detriment. Now, more than ever, the world needs Christian working together humbly under Christ to lead people into a growing relationship with him, in whatever innovate and fresh forms that takes.

I agree that consumerism is a problem for Christianity.

But ironically, much of the dialogue about why people are done with church pushes people deeper into Christian consumerism than it pushes them into deeper discipleship: H.

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